Wax-on, Wax-off

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I have been collecting information on the transition from waxed beck cases to unwaxed cases and see a pattern that might be of interest Folks may recall that in 1979 they factories supposedly went over to a 6 ring crimp "Ohne fettung" (without lubrication).  Here are date codes and crimp/wax dates that have been observed locally (US):

Lot:          30.11.78T                                               Waxed

Lot:          11. 4. 79A                                               Waxed

Lot:          08.05.79A                                               Waxed

Lot:          03.07.79A                                               Waxed
Lot:           1. 5. 81A                                               No

Lot:          14. 5. 81A                                               Waxed
Lot:          10.8.82A                                                 Waxed    

Lot           19. 2. 82A                                               Waxed

Lot:          27. 5. 82A                                               Waxed

Lot:          17. 8. 82A                                               Waxed

Lot:          17.02.82T                                                No

Lot:          14.12. 82T                                               No
Lot:          03.03.82T                                                No Wax

So the switch over was supposedly in 1979, but it seems after some number of lots in at least 1981 that had no wax, Altdorf went back to making waxed necks in the mid May of 1981 to at least August of 1982.  Thun had the wax in 1978 but dropped it no later than February of 1982.
Now some time ago I recall discussing with an older Swiss shooter that when the change over occurred a lot of shooters felt the non waxed cases had more flyers and so they would actually wax their case necks and indeed tools existed to allow this.  If so the first lots made migth have been dropped for a period until the figured out how to overcome the issue.

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 For those that have never seen a GP11 bullet waxer/ greaser: 
Look under "miscellaneous accessories".

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Thanks for the great info on the waxing set-up. Looks like this would be a form of bullet lube. Was there anything unique about the composition of the wax? Thanks again for the info..............