Ok. Gents........... First, the group is 100 yards. All of the groups measured 1.55"
I realized that I had run out of 100 yard targets, so......... My Daughter improvised.

My eyes are no longer that great with either open sights or Diopter, so most of you will do better than I did for sure. That should have been an easy MOA . Just too fuzzy for me anymore. If that 7" black cluster of pasters had been any smaller, I'd have been in trouble. It filled the aperture nicely leaving a thin ring of white around it.

The testing was done from the Accurite shooting device.

The front sight you see is the new EAS, but I ran another test using the original Type P/S front sight. It appears to be a good height alignment, but it'll be tomorrow before I can do this again.

 The Diopter itself is a definite "go for production." The k11 will have to be tested tomorrow with a standard front sight, but the alignment is perfect on the k11.





An'' ole' Brer' Rabbit...... he set in de bushes..... he watch an' he wait... lay low an' he don' say nuffin'.