SIG AMT / 510-4 Magazines = availability and fair market price ???

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Im looking for some help regarding market values on the somewhat rare SIG AMT / 510-4 magazines 
Its my understanding that SIG made the magazines in 3 capacities ( 5 round , 10 round , 20 round ) .

These are the steel / angular magazines made for the specific gun. ( Im not interested in the aluminum banana magazines made for the PE 57 ) 

     Can anyone give me an idea of the fair market values on these magazines ( I ask because I have some to sell , and OI don't really know what they are worth now ) 

5 round mags / 10 round mags / 20 round mags ????????  

value of each ( I believe that the smaller mags are more rare and pricy ? ) 

thanks for any help 


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Here are my valuations, though I have not seen any of the 5- or 10-round in quite some time. Image
5-round ($350.00- $400.00)
10-round ($300.00- $350.00)
20-round ($200.00- $250.00)

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I don't think they ever made any mags specifically for the PE57 since there were only 4000 guns built. They just used some of the millions of mags made for the Stgw57.

I see guys advertising actual 20rd AMT or Chilean 510-4 magazines (which are much more common) for $150-300 but I've never seen one sell for that. I have seen them actually change hands for $100 plus or minus a few. The 5 and 10 rd mags seem to bring a premium since they were specifically made for the AMT civilian market and are much less common. Prices seem to vary depending on how much someone really wants one. I don't have any 5 rd mags but I did get a 10 and a 20 rd mag with my AMT. I picked up a few 20rd mags from the Chilean parts set import and found that there were a mix of Swiss and Beretta made mags. They are different in construction.

I would think that if you're wanting to sell some mags put them out somewhere at a price higher than you want and reduce the prices over time til they sell. Or keep them if they don't bring the price you want.